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Kim's BBQ REstaurant is one of the most authentic Korean BBQ restaurants in America. Kim’s BBQ Restaurant in the Philadelphia neighborhood of Onley boasts using 100% natural hardwood charcoal to BBQ our meats. Unlike most of our competition, Kim’s, and a couple other establishments in California are doctored into cooking our meat this way. While all others use gas for their BBQ, the authentic use of charcoal gives that needed smoky flavor to each dish.


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Kim’s has been around for decades, and we prove our experience with helpful service and delicious food. Once seated, you are greeted with a pot of hot tea and a wide selection of banchan (small side dishes) that fill up the table. Sake and scallion pancakes as well as banchan are some the items you will find in our menu. We recommend ordering the O-Sam Bulgogi (sliced beef and squid marinated in hot sauce) and the Maeun Kalbi (thinly sliced beef short ribs marinated in hot sauce).



The server will presents a bed of hot coals for your table, and the fun begins. You can tend to the meat yourself, but the server is always very willing to assist in cooking. Garlic cloves and jalapeños are placed within the heap of sizzling meat and along the grills’ edges to soak up the juices. The scent of the meat grilling is scrumptious and even more delicious to taste. Getting too stuffed is easily done here, but if you can save some room, free ice cream is provided at the end of your meal.

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